Features your Guests will LOVE!

Yes that’s right, make it EASY for your guests to see upcoming events, purchase tickets, RSVP, request bottle service, see latest event photos, and more! Having an App is the ULTIMATE Promotional Tool!

Upcoming Events

Make it easy for your guests to see upcoming events right thru their mobile phone. Display artists, tickets prices, and set times all thru your app!

Latest Event Photos

Make it easy for your guests to see the latest event photos right on their mobile phone. Your app will be integrated with your Facebook albums so pictures will automatically be uploaded to your app.

Send Push Notifications

Do you ever have an event where not many people show up? Send a message directly to users phones notifying them of your event, or offer discounted tickets.

Purchase Tickets

Allow your guests to purchase event tickets right thru your clubs mobile app. Make your mobile app a one stop shop for your guests.

Request Bottle Service

Guests can request bottle service, choose drink preference, seating preference, and list number of guests all thru the app.


Allow your guest to RSVP thru your app. Users can pick which event they would like to go to and choose how many guests they will be bringing.


 So Why Take Your Nightclub Mobile? We’ll Tell You!

With over 90 million iOS and Android devices sold quarterly, there has never been a better time to make an App for your Nightclub. Nightclub Appz creates a new way for you to stay in touch with your guests, and to find new ones.  Your App will provide a direct link to your guests, allow them to RSVP for events, purchase tickets, request bottle service, see latest event photos, and more!

Recent studies show that nightclubs with their own mobile app have significantly increased ticket sales by leveraging mobile Apps. It is the ULTIMATE Promotion Tool!


 Mobile Growth is on the Rise!


Million iOS and Android Devices Sold Quarterly
Percent of mobile time is spent inside apps
Percent of mobile users prefer businesses with a mobile app
minutes are spent on average per day on mobile devices per user

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